We are a company dedicated to the construction for over 10 years Pool 1
Making us one of the most experienced companies and experience in the Costa del Sol, we have a great team capable of finding and offering the most optimal solutions, effective and demanding that are required to meet the most challenging and daring expectations.
One of our major specialties in Zoliar Group is implementing and pool construction work, focusing on what is most important for our company and for the customer, what is to find optimal and attractive solutions to which adjust as required.

Pool 2Always with the highest quality, the best treatment, flexibility, efficiency and demand, that make our company one of the references in construction and rehabilitation of swimming pools.Our great experience performing and executing pools in the area of the Costa del Sol you can prove it.
Also in Grupo Zoliar we also offer our services for any type of intervention necessary in swimming pools, like complete reforms of swimming pool, small works of rehabilitation of swimming pools, waterproofing of swimming pool and much more.
Offering our services to private clients, hotels and being able to execute the pool projects presented to us with the maximum possible determination.

Pool 3
Please contact us and the way you prefer from our contact section, and we will contact you to find and define the necessary actions, without commitment and with total flexibility and always adjusting to the needs and ideas of the client.
Do not hesitate to contact us and be able to count on our services: Reforms of swimming pools, waterproofing of swimming pools, rehabilitation of swimming pools, construction of swimming pools. Do not forget to access the pool gallery.

We are also specialized in:

  • Construction Grupo Zoliar

    Housing construction

    Construction of new buildings, detached houses, semi-detached houses, villas, etc.

  • Integral reforms

    Integral reforms

    Experts in all types of integral reforms: Apartments, stores, shops, offices, etc.

  • Swimming pools

    We are specialists in the construction and execution of swimming pools adapted to any need. In the environment desired

    Swimming Pools
  • Surround building

    We are specialists in the construction and execution of fronts and roofs. Responding to the most demanding thermal and acoustic needs.

    Surround building
  • Revestimientos


    We use the most innovative and trusted products currently on the market, for overlay both outdoors and indoors.

  • Floor


    We have the latest techniques and a wide range of quality products with different characteristics to cover any requirement

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