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In Grupo Zoliar we are specialists in the construction, renovation or rehabilitation of buildings, homes, shops or any type of project you have in mind, our more than ten years dedicated to the construction sector accredit our effort, professionality and dedication to obtain the best results. Our company is a safe option, with a great team that will meet the needs that are required, valuing and advising what are the best actions for each type of work. If you have not yet decided to contact us, we indicate more reasons for you:

Maximum confidence
We are competitive


In Grupo Zoliar we offer a comprehensive service in which we take care of carrying out all the necessary actions to start a project, from zero until its completion, providing the client with all the procedures that must be followed for its implementation.

Legal and administrative issues, providers, installers, control entities and other agents that are required.

The client deals directly with our team to bring better control and monitoring, without intermediaries, which means a bigger and better deal.

Maximum quality of service, we know at all times the information of the project and its status


Maximum confidence

Grupo Zoliar construction company started its activity in 2009 and has maintained it until today, achievement within reach of very few construction companies and of which we can be very proud, also providing our customers with maximum confidence and security.

Confidence Grupo Zoliar

More than ten years of experience in the sector.

More than 9.200m2 of constructed area.

Execution and realization of more than 52 projects.

Guarantee in all our works and services.

Guaranteed civil liability coverage up to damages valued at 2,000,000€

Registered in the register of companies accredited as contractor and subcontractor of the construction sector.

We are competitive

Construction is a highly competitive sector and at Grupo Zoliar we know firsthand that this is so and we strive daily to position ourselves as one of the best construction companies in the entire Costa del Sol, assuming any type of project that is presented to us with a high level of demand.

We do all the work with the highest quality, involvement and enthusiasm, for this we have an excellent and professional team, with great ambition.


We dedicate to our customers a high level of compromise and priority, In Grupo Zoliar we know that a satisfied customer is a customer who will have our services again and recommend us as a safe option.

With Grupo Zoliar, the client will always have the status of the project at their disposal and monitor the development and execution. Our way of working and involvement in our work, show all our effort to achieve the best results

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